Cottage Plans as Vacation Home Inspiration

Natural Green Vegetations Inside Cottage Plans Near Brown Wall Along With Clear Framed Glass Windows Under Brown Roof
Planning to build a vacation home, you will need these cottage plans. The home themes and styles can be designed base on your needs and the home location. Take an example of this modern home in sleek look. The combination between bright color and wooden color make the house looks cleaner. The house is designed in airy look with many windows that are installed along the house wall. The exterior flooring in the entry way is also made out from concrete materials. The natural color of concrete materials makes the home exterior looks brighter. The next model of the cottage design is the farmhouse style. It looks alluring in its traditional look. The exterior wall is in wooden structure giving the earth color look. It looks beautiful for the farmhouse that is located in the middle of green environment. The sleeker and the brighter look are presented by this cottage design in white color theme. White exterior fits well with vintage style in minimalist style. These vacation homes are originated from the cottage plans to build. Cabin style is also the charming style for the vacation home located in the middle of the forest. The craftsman style looks perfect for this wooden cottage. The earth color applied in this cottage makes it blends well with the nature surrounding. The smaller cottage in the forest can also be designed in white or neutral color for the exterior design. Rustic textures can also the great theme to be employed as the main color this in this cottage design. Soft yellow lighting adds more charm in this house design. Vintage style can also be the cottage theme. Combining the style between the vintage and the rustic style can also be the great solution for this cozy cottage. Cottage plans kits will be helpful in order to build the cottage with these designs.

Gallery of Cottage Plans as Vacation Home Inspiration

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