Bookshelf Plans for Your Modern Residence

Adorable Bookshelf Plans Plan Involving Open Shelves Illuminated Aside Lighting To Hit Darker Bookcase Area

Having proper bookshelf plans in your house could help a lot. The bookshelf could easily save your house from mess. There are a lot of bookshelf ideas and concept created by the designers, but now we will talk about the contemporary one. Bookshelf with contemporary style could be installed everywhere: in bedroom, living room, TV room, library, even in the kitchen. Let’s follow this examination to get some more ideas about designing proper bookshelf.

This is a smart way of creating a bookshelf. Take a look at the picture. It shows how a spacious wooden bookshelf done near the kitchen and dining room. The bookshelf has plaid pattern, with lots of books in each hole. A minimalist staircase is been built in front of the bookshelf to help the owner reach some books in high place. There, after the staircase, a mezzanine that could be used as reading room is also available. What about the other bookshelf designs?

Been built in a modern dining room, the bookshelf here was done in grey color. It is stuck in the corner, side by side with the giant wall art on the white wall. A nailed upholstered sofa with lime green color stands right in front of the bookshelf. A spacious glass dining table and two other black seats are accompanying its presence in beauty. Colorful books on the bookshelf are combined with white and black dining appliances to decorate the room with unique items.

Kitchen could keep books too. You don’t believe it? See this picture of a traditional kitchen. Take a look at the kitchen island. It has black body and black surface. On its side, a built-in bookshelf is available to keep several books and decorations. Now you can decorate your kitchen with smart items and beauty in one time. Classic seats next to the kitchen island could provide you comfort when you read your books here. Other wall bookshelf plans are also available for you in other pictures if you like to have other ideas.

Gallery of Bookshelf Plans for Your Modern Residence

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